Sunday, July 12, 2009

More ways to follow this Wujifa blog

There are more ways now to follow the Wujifa blog. The goal here is to share as much free and useful content and pointers as possible. In saying that many might find some of this information helpful, like those who practice Zhan Zhuang (stance practice), Taijiquan, or other Internal Martial Arts.

So feel free to join up and comment at these other places. We can now be found on:
Twitter @wujifa
Myspace at
Facebook at the Wujifa fan page

We will be posting a few new Gao style Bagua Videos recorded back in 2000 from Taipai, Some Bagua videos from 2006 in Beijing, and of course some more Wujifa basic trainings and Kau development practices videos and Zhan Zhuang pointers in the next few weeks.

Please feel free to post comments and or questions or suggestion. You can post them here in the comment area or at any of these other places...


  1. Looking forward to the up and coming posts!

  2. Hello John,

    I have a number of posts in the wings... I'm not really a blogger persay... although I do post based on what "feels" right and as I am moved to do by this. As is the case I have one that I keep returning too recently and I am just about to put up here in the next couple days. More basic functional pointers for Zhan Zhang and movement. Although I'm not sure that will be the title... LOL

    Thanks for the interest... I'll see what I can do... ;^)