Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gao Style Bagua

Gao Style Bagua and Bagua in general is something I believe can have a lot to explore and offer. Here are two wonderful exercises from the Gao Bagua system from Taipei, Taiwan. The following two videos were filmed back in February of 2000. Like foundation skill sets from the Wujifa system the following two videos I believe are very good fundational skill sets for development of full body movement.

Over the past few months I've hesitated to put other exercises on this blog and have been encouraged to do so. I also believe in these skill sets and practice them as well with my Wujifa and so I feel pretty good about sharing them here with all of you.

The first Video is called "Ban" which is one the the skill sets from the "10 Heavenly Stems" or "Tain Gan." Like silkreeling this exercise aims to engage full body movement and development.

From the Gao Bagua system:

YouTube link to this video: for those who have iPhones or enjoy YouTube formats.

From the Gao Bagua System:
Golden Chicken

YouTube link to this video: for those who have iPhones or enjoy YouTube formats.

I hope you enjoy these two Videos from Taipei,Tawain and the Gao Bagua system... Yes they are a bit rough and grainy, yet they are pretty darn functional to play with...

So, I'll end with simply saying... I hope you enjoy doing them as much as I have over the years. As you get a better feel for the Kua or inguinal creases these are two excellent methods to take things up another level or notch in your practice!


  1. Hi,

    Do you know how this school traces its lineage?


  2. Wow! Thanks for posting this. I'm practicing the Wujifa side-to-side, a "simplified" version of the Chen Silk Reeling. Ban and the Golden Chicken looks like another way for me to play the side-to-side.


  3. Great clips! I've seen another Gao Stylist, Luo De Xiu, do the "ban" exercise on youtube and could definitely see the potential of the movement especially for the kua...but was surprised to see it done at the speed in the video you posted whereas Luo does it in a markedly slower motion...are both versions attempting different results?

  4. Hey Josh

    Noticed you from YouTube freinds as well... Ok the lineage... and please forgive my spellings... here you go:

    "Gao Yi-Sheng" to "Zhang Jun-Feng" to "Zhang Yong-Liang"

    Lineage and people sorting has never been my thing... I simply enjoy something or find it functional... Now when it comes to friends and respect... I totally understand... both rock!

    Hope that is what you were asking about...

  5. newtypeapc

    I don't know the speed of the YouTube Vid you are talking about... I'll have to search it out... If you notice different people there are a bit slower some faster.

    For me personally I like playing with both ways... fast and slower... depends on where I am and the "Feel" as you know kino is a key point for me... sometimes fast will teach me things as I put my "attention" on how I am moving even more than slowly... other time slowly Rocks it...

    Although slow motion sparing always seems to speed up when two people really start playing for keeps... LOL