Thursday, December 31, 2009

Video of Chen Style Taijiquan at Wushu Demo

As requested here is more video from Hunan, China this time of Chen Style Taijiquan. The students of the Yue Shan Temple (Moon Mountain) wushu gongfu demo, filmed in May of 2004. As you watch this video remember how old some of these kids are, and then think about how long many people have been practicing their forms as you watch these kids.

For those who enjoy YouTube:

As many of you that read this blog know I believe internal martial arts is much more than a form or some kind of dance move and that the "way one moves" instead of the form it's self is what is most important. Now, I will say watching this video, seeing kids of this age practicing Chen Style Taiji looks pretty damn good at their age and for wushu.

Now I know these kids practice their forms a heck of a lot and after all they live there at that gongfu school. My hope is in sharing this video, that it may inspire some folks who watch these kids as they do these forms to think more about how and when they practice. After all there are lot's of blogs with Youtube videos of various masters doing forms. Yes even on this blog. Yet simply watching kids doing these kinds of forms can put things in a certain perspective.