Saturday, July 4, 2009

45 Gongfu Hints and Pointers

The following 45 functional points are some of many statements used and remembered, as one trains in their Wujifa and gongfu practices. These hints and pointers are commonly returned to, referred to, and explored as lessons or as simple puzzles to aid one in discovering the deeper meaning(s) that one seeks to explore with their Wujifa, qigong, gongfu, and/or their internal martial arts practices. As in many internal martial arts, gong fu, qigongs, or other practices of these types, it’s commonly found that these saying that are frequently used in Wujifa are aimed toward providing the opportunity to explore the depth that can be discovered in one’s own trainings, skill sets, and even in daily life. Take some time and explore these for yourself as you may discover the deeper understandings of these may change as one’s level of understand develops with time.

45 Gongfu Hints and Pointers

When we think of “intention” we might notice this word suggests an aim or goal, a target or an objective, even a purpose or a meaning and a plan. When we think of “order” we might think of a command or request, a sequence or an arrangement or even a harmony. When we notice the word “direction” we might notice a directive or direction as a means of regulating or focusing, to supervise, manage, or lead. Direction can be a way or a heading, a bearing, a target or to govern.

In many deeper teachings the goal can sometimes be to understand the real meaning of simply one or a few words. That is to understand the feeling of the word or idea more than to simple just know the word.

  • You are where you are, and that’s where you start.
  • Relaxed is not limp.
  • Relaxing in one area will aid relaxation in another area. The body is connected.
  • Connected is not locked.
  • Connected is not stiff.
  • Structure is not rigid.
  • Easy isn’t necessarily ease.
  • Ease isn't necessarily easy.
  • Don't rush it, it'll happen faster.
  • Your strength is your weakness.
  • Your strong point is your weak point, your weak point is your strong point.
  • Attention is different than focus.
  • Noticing changes everything.
  • It’s better to fall down than quit.
  • How would a baby learn?
  • Now I know what the "Chi" is? (Laughing)
  • Match is not living.
  • Pay attention to the minutest details for the largest gains.
  • Your questions reveal where you are, your experience, and what you’re working on.
  • Practice a pattern until the feeling reveals itself to you. Pay attention. Notice.
  • What's your purpose?
  • Why are you doing this?
  • If you can’t feel your body, then what’s the point of having a body?
  • The purpose of the method is to feel.
  • Feeling is a key, as kinesthetic is to foundation.
  • Feeling is a key. Grounded is foundation.
  • How do you know?
  • There is no end to feeling, understanding, and being aware.
  • The method is not the truth, once you get the feeling, get rid of the method.
  • Once you get the feeling, principle is second nature.
  • The method is not the truth.
  • The method is a medicine.
  • The various (suggested chi flow) feelings are signposts. Don’t confuse the signpost for the actual destination.
  • Using imagery is a trick (a method, a medicine) to get the intention to move.
  • Monkey mind and stallion – keep the monkey busy so the stallion runs freely.
  • A small step, no matter how small, starts the momentum. Keep taking small steps. Many small steps will take you a long way.
  • One small step for “a man,” a giant leap for most of mankind!
  • Practice the ordinary until it becomes extra-ordinary.
  • Technique -> Form -> Principle -> Philosophy
  • Three Rules: 1. Be responsible for your own development – be, response-able 2. Be rational and functional 3. Experiment, try, feel, get results
  • A good lesson teaches to where the student is. A not so good teacher teaches where the teacher is.
  • Different People learn in different ways.
  • Once you get the feeling, the principle is second nature.
  • Going to McDonald's

There are many more of these enlightening saying used in the Wujifa system and throughout many different styles of internal martial arts, Taijiquan, Qigong and Taoist and philosophical practices as well. I would like to end this article on helpful gongfu hints and pointers with something written by Jurgen Habermas in his Theory of Rational Reconstruction and explored by Lawrence Kohlberg’s system of Morality.

"The model of “rational reconstructions” represents the main thread of the surveys about the “structures” of the world of life (“culture”, “society” and “personality”) and their respective “functions” (cultural reproductions, social integrations and socialization). For this purpose, the dialectics between “symbolic representation” of “the structures subordinated to all worlds of life” (“internal relationships”) and the “material reproduction” of the social systems in their complex (“external relationships” between social systems and environment) has to be considered." Jurgen Habermas Theory of Rational Reconstruction

“…a rational person, one has an insight into the validity of the underlying principles and has committed oneself to them.” Lawrence Kohlberg’s system of Morality page 71


  1. "The method is medicine"

    I have used this model a lot to relay ideas.

  2. Great stuff! Thanks.

    I may have heard you mention one or two of those before. :-)

  3. Hey Rick,

    Yea Rick... it was a hoot puttting this one together... there are a number of others but it just felt right this way... I have to thank Dan for inspiring this one... I hope people will see the depth in them... like stance training or side to side, ect... sometimes it take a bit to get the connections... hope your having a great holiday!

  4. The acorn grows into an oak tree which produces... an acorn.

    A lot of thought, feeling and understanding is distilled into those "hits". Each one could easily be unpacked into a feature-length article.

  5. What a great list of sayings!

    The method is not the truth, once you get the feeling, get rid of the method.

    I like this one quite a bit, because it always leaves the next step open for me!

  6. Oppertunity is in the doing... exploring each one of these one at a time, for simply a week could be a pretty cool practice to aid in one's gongfu. Seeking the deeper understanding within...