Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wujifa System Talks More on Basic Stance or Zhan Zhuang Practices

Here is another Wujifa practices video on basic stance or Zhan Zhuang training. This series is called “Wujifa System Talks” that cover fundamental Wujifa or general practices as view through the Wujifa system frame work. In this series you will find more on the “Method” and practice as possibly helpful or even obtrusive to making real progress in you standing or Zhan Zhuang training.

Here is a link to YouTube for those who enjoy watching their videos there.

Principles are a deeper way of practicing as opposed to only training in basic methods that are all too commonly misused these days. Yet, as we say in Wujifa “You are where you are and that’s where you start.” All too often people start blindly following the methods of a system and fall asleep forgetting to probe further and asking themselves the harder questions. Methods you see are like drugs, they can be helpful if used with caution. All too often people end up becoming addicted to their methods and the depth in their training proceeds to stops right there. What are the basics, what are the basic principles? How can I refine and develop a deeper understanding in these elusive principles?

In Wujifa basic stance or Zhan Zhuang is a good place to start. Still you need to learn to eat bitter and seek validation from school brothers or others who are more skilled than you. Seek what you feel and what is at the edge of your understanding. Be willing to make mistakes and ask for help. Train often and focus and stay awake. Develop your intention and awareness in the process. These keys will help you find your way as you train and develop in your Wujifa training as you start on the path.