Monday, December 26, 2011

What Is The Kua?

What is the kua? Words used in martial arts can have their own meanings, even more so in foreign languages like Chinese, and so is it with the word kua. Depending on the martial art you’ll hear people talk about opening the kua or closing the kua. You may hear different arts say things like hide the kua or wrap the kua as in some Xingyi or Bagua practices. In Wujifa we also address this area called the kua. In Wujifa we sometimes call this area the inguinal crease which isn’t exactly correct either but it is a good place to start for a beginner.

In Wujifa I personally think of the kua as the functioning of the pelvis, leg and hip capsule and the expression is seen through the hip, pelvis and connective tissues. In Wujifa the Kua is defined by the specialized way its used. I always find it interesting seeing how the hip capsule twines together the hip, the pelvis and femur head to form this important joint of the body for function and movement.

In many arts, the concept of kua is thought of as extending much further than simply the fold of the inguinal creases where the legs meet the body, although they may also start beginners with a simple understanding of this folding area between the leg and pelvis. 

Many martial arts actually think of the kua as extending way past the inguinal crease folds down to pelvic floor and also all the way around up to the outer areas around the greater trochanter. The concept of "Kua" and how it is used is a very deep subject and it's use defines the flavor of an art form. 

What is the Kua? As you may have guessed, simply said it is an area affected by pelvis, hip and leg movements. This area is one of many keys to understanding the flavor of a martial art and it‘s more than simply how to move our hip or leg. This is also one of the common areas where people develop certain bad habits of use and it’s not always easy for people to change their habits. This is why various martial arts address its importance. Understanding tthis area is so very important to the depth and breadth of their respective practices.

If you’re looking for more detailed information on how to train and practice the we might suggest reading “Keys for Developing theInguinal Crease, aka Kua, with Wujifa Side to Side Practice” and "Basic Tips for Zhan Zhuang and the Pelvis". These articles have a lot of helpful information for ways to understand, train and practice. Remember understanding is not the information you know… Understanding is only as deep as your practice has become.