Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Like a properly aged wine we can build character with time

In a well aged wine we can notice how time and character uniquely interact in relationship with each other. This idea or this statement of “time” references activities or the history that has taken place over that time as it evolves.

"There is no end to feeling... understanding... and being... aware"

Like a “properly” aged wine that builds as they say “character”, so can one’s practice. That is, what one practices, and more importantly the way in which one goes about approaching practice is key.

If we take the time, this idea of “how we approach” something can actually give us a hint of what this key might be. Also this key may well possibly be the hidden or deeper meaning or qualities of what real gongfu is.

From Dan’s Wujifa Notes:
Feeling is like a wine, as it ages the flavor/ texture gets richer. Richness you get out is related to what you put in.

How you approach something is more than just the physical action of doing. There is also the mindset we bring with us as we approach and as we do something.

Now, you might find yourself asking; what is this mindset and, how can we develop this mindset? These are interesting questions and anyone who has practiced Wujifa for any length of time knows these can be the perfect questions and the perfect place to start.

• What is this mindset?

• How can we develop this mindset?

The key to answering these questions of what and how is also the very place we start in developing this mindset. As we say in Wujifa “you are where you are and that’s where you start”.

It may seem overly simplistic to say the key to opening this door is found in just taking the time to notice. Noticing is the key. When I say this I don’t say this flippantly. I am also suggesting this as being the basis of practice, that is simple noticing.

When I say “Simple noticing” I mean just that. What we do gets built in. If we put too much importance or better said force into noticing we will build that into our practices as well. In Wujifa we aim to progress towards ease as one of the steps taken towards the development of poise, power, and unity.

Ease isn’t always easy. This is another saying in Wujifa. The reason we say this is it takes time. Time to adjust and grow and develop this mindset of noticing and ease for many people and that’s ok. The methods may not be the truth. Although, when we take the time, we can simply learn and make the changes in action that will become the character of our practice and an awareness that is gained through simple noticing.


  1. Excellent post, Rick. This is what kung fu is about!

  2. Hey Rick,

    I couldn't agree more... There is such a difference between simply going through the motions and simply noticing. Thanks again.

  3. Simple Noticing... what else is there :) Good class this morning, I appreciate the discussion. See you next week.

  4. I enjoyed that class from afar. Thanks much.