Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bagua Video Tai Dao or Large Saber

The Bagua Tai Dao or the large saber is considered by most practitioner's to be Bagua's ultimate training tool. In Bagua this saber's large size aids and is such great tool for developing coordination, strength, and to aid in the development of whole body movement and power which Bagua is well known for in the martial arts. Due to the saber's lager size makes the weapon difficult for the practitioner to wield and or maneuver compared to the normally smaller sabers used in other martial arts.

In the following video Master Di Guoyong shows how gracefully the Tai Dao or Bagua's large saber can be trained and worked with as he performs a demonstration for a few students. This video was shot in Beijing back in 2004. After training all morning we took a break and Master Di Guoyong decided to show us the Tai Dao and the following form.

YouTube link to this video: for those who have iPhones or enjoy YouTube formats.

Bagua is a wonderful art and the Tai Dao a great training tool as well. Hopefully you have enjoyed this video. Over the years I have been lucky enough to have had the chances to meet and study bits of this wonderful art with a number of differt teachers. Bagua, Taiji, Xingyi all have different flavors, yet internal movement is key to all of these arts. The forms are just methods to help train and to aid in understanding the flavor of each art but without the internal connect the forms just become another empty dance. On that note remember the basics and seek the internal connections that these wonderful arts have to offer.


  1. Hi Rick,

    Love it!

    The way you share internal kung fu, and the passion that you have for all that you have learned in it's various forms, hsing i, taiji, bagua etc - really comes through.

    Looking forward to your upcoming DVD release.

    Maybe you could put up a sign up form for us to keep in the loop?


  2. Definitely love seeing the rarer stuff on here and looking forward to further posts on some of the more basic points in practice...And what's this about a DVD release??

    aho from

  3. aho

    The Wujifa system... is a wonderful pratice. There will be more on this... in due time... stay tune... that's all I'll say right now.

  4. Rick, it's really amazing watching master Di moving with that large sword so effortlessly. Such "ease", but as we say in our school "ease isn't easy!" I can't imagine how much time he has put in over his life into practicing bagua, very inspiring!

    Dan from

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