Friday, May 8, 2009

Suggested Mental Unification Paradigms of Wujifa Practices Part 1

There is a Daoist saying that suggests “hide universe in universe.” Sometimes it’s the most obvious things that can the most elusive. Hence people mystify or complicate various aspects of what should be basic and self evident. In this 3 part series we will attempt to explore some simple ideas of what and where one can begin to explore this deeper aspect to training.

Suggested Mental Unification Paradigms of Wujifa Practices (part 1 of 3)

Let me start off by saying that I personally consider and contemplate the philosophy that wuji is all around us, as a useful one. The awareness that everything is one, connected, and commonly be rediscovered by simple refinement practices and training. I have found that this model has been helpful and have discovered myself returning to this as one of the useful paradigms for training.

Often many, or even most people spend their whole life dividing and separating (mechanical thinking) everything into bits, objectively or subjectively separating themselves from everything, exploring connections outside themselves or even forgetting the simple practical basics, even to the extent to imagining and seek mystical connections.

It's started with a choice. Simply begin with noticing, and being responsible with accepting this concept is a good place to start. Developing and noticing of simple connections that can be resolved starting with one's self, and/or where you realistically believe you are in that moment.

In Wujifa we notice the opportunities to rediscover this connection personally in what and how we train. To the level we train is the level we can express these connections... like the theory of relativity or the big bang and the universe... the size is relative... yet noticing our simple physical connections in how and as we train... this is an opportunity for each of us... and the gift... called Wujifa... there for those of you who are willing to!

Chen style Taijiquan Master Chen Xiaowang often says “one part moves, all parts move” as the principle for practice. The method often used, for example in silk reeling start out with a very basic step-by-step procedure. Yet, as one develops, one discovers "Chan Si Jing" or silk reeling runs throughout the whole of the practices and becomes a very deep practice in and of its self. This is just one example of hiding the universe in universe. The elusive obvious and as one gains more understand one can also explore the expression within these different models and methods.

This is Part 1 of 3 in a series on some of the various mental unification paradigms various people use to assist in their Wujifa practice and training


  1. Thanks Rick from "cook ding's kitchen" blogspot

    I like how in the picture of CXW playing frisbee, he looks like he does... for example when he is doing one of his silkreeling forms.

    I like how it reflects what we bring, or unify with our training showing up in the rest of our life.

    It's funny too, because it happens so naturally... if one compartmentalizes, that shows up in life. The really cool aspect of activities and the reflection in how it becomes part of us.

    Noticing really opens doors... discovering "actively," and how we emerge with... WOW... simple yet potent in potential...

    Thanks again...

  2. Awesome post, Rick, and a beautiful class on Sunday! I'm really looking forward to doing some even MORE serious training as we get into the summer.

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