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Wu (undefined, primordial, nothing) Ji (ultimate) Fa (principle, law) Lian (Practice) Gong (skill)

Wu (Nothing) Ji (Ultimate) Fa (Principle) - This could mean ultimate primordial principles or totally void of principle. Lian (practice) Gong (skill) - Simply said its meaning is to train for development and competence.

I personally believe when we combine training with Wujifa, is where we seek the deeper connections with the principle of connection become a natural skill. I also like the "concept" of there being no named "methods" to discovery of "Connection." Yet, in reality one has to start somewhere, and so as there may not be a real method or methods, various approaches may make sense as functional means to gaining clarity of a deeper understanding.

When one trains Wujifa we learn connection, connecting... oneness in response, intention, and congruently as in being, we are human. Those of you who like to explore some other thoughts on this, or for those whom might enjoy a little deeper methods on the meaning of these concepts connected with Wujifa I might suggest the following ideas.

In some Daoist practices the individual seeks the result of a very clear and focused mind and as a result, an inner strength that will be said to cause one's mind to be unmovable. Hence the concepts of no emotion, no fear, a calm serenity like those of the ancient ones who have had come before. Like those whom had attained high levels of cultivation. Through their "gong" were able to detach at some level, the mind from all associations and relations of condition, and such is one example of the concept of Wuji consciousness for those individuals.

One of these basic beliefs in those Daoist practice is that the physical manifestation of something we choose to create and or do comes from thought, thought springing forth from desire, and desire springing forth from thought. Simply said, that thought and desire are formed from manifestations that are stirred up by this movement of the mind within the ultimate primordial or this Daoist view of Wuji.

Daoist tend to suggest one constantly is existing within this concept of Wuji, yet it is due to conditions, thoughts, desire/emotions and such that the mind is so busy that this mind is not aware of being there. Does a fish know it is in water? It's actually so much more than understanding that being is not a kind or type of separate thought saying that one is in Wuji. It is a natural state... Although there are other groups, for example some sects of Buddhists who also say that this "being" is not the ultimate or highest state of consciousness attainable.

To simplify you might see it as simply being in a natural state... like how an animal might naturally respond and connect with its environment responding as a whole without thought... I believe that as we train one of the aspects of the mind that is develop the RAS (The RAS is located within the core of the brain near the brain stem. Visit if you want to dive into these mechanics deeper) and in doing so we can discover that we do not need to think about what we have connected with, we can just respond naturally. How deeply one can allow these types of shifts to surface within, are possible, and what is called a deep understanding of skill and gongfu. This could be seen as another view of many so called levels in allowing and developing, and as allowed these shifts can develop in the practice of Wujifa, if practiced as some might say "correctly."

The following is from Wikipedia:
Wuji, (無極), in Taoist philosophy, is the primordial state of non-being, a state of Nothingness and boundlessness or that which is without Bounds or Limits. Wuji like Tao, is and lies within all of the universe and in the human anatomy. It is the central definition to what Tao is in chapter one of the Tao Te Ching.

In Xiuzhen, Wuji or Dao is a state of Hunyuan Yiqi (混元一炁) in which Hunyuan is the Chinese equivalent of primordial, Yiqi is the one qi the original state of qi, together Hunyuan Yiqi is loosely the primordial qi. The state of Taiji is Xiantian Yiqi (先天一炁), or pre-birth qi. Note the word Qi (炁) differs to blood circulation in qigong.

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  1. Wujifa is a qigong or yoga, fitness practice for many... some choose to explore the martial arts or self defense side. The other day someone was suggesting that Wujifa is a much higher spiritual practice and that the Liangong was lower form and that standing meditation was a prep type thing. I feel that the depth of one's way of exploring any "fa" should be in one's freedom to explore and discover how deep they can connect is personal choice too.

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  3. I'm so glad that you put in here those techniques for all people who like this art, also it's great that it can be combined with other techniques it's awesome.