Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spacing out in training

Many people zone out when they engage in different types of training. As we know connection is one of the points we seek to develop when training Wujifa. Here is an interesting post at: which I think is very common with a lot of people, that is "trancing out." Trancing out is like disconnecting from one's self which may or may not be that useful when one is training to engage connections.

"Trancing out" or "zoning out" feels like not-here-now, not-present, not-connected. Breaking the stance trance results in a feeling of present-ness, of being here now. And through greater present-ness, I feel connection to my kinesthetics, to my body which presents me a greater opportunity to feel deeper into my body, where there are tensions, where there is relax. I needed to feel both to feeling-understand the feeling difference.

There are so many ways people can disconnect from their training. Awareness is key. Where are you noticing? Where are you focusing? What else are you focusing on? What is the purpose you seek to train for?

Ones focus can be functional or disfunctional depending on ones purpose. I will suggest that it is very useful to allow at least one or two bits to stay open to the present which would include this connection with one's self. When I say one or two bits open I'm suggestion keeping a bit of your mind open to what you feel and and experiencing in the space of the moments.

Focusing and returning back to what one is doing can be a useful tool as well when watching and learning something new... Yet, when you are training... those open bits and noticing what is showing up as you train can be such a very functional approach to discovering and growing.

Summer is here (in this half of the world) and I have been having a great one... I know... I've been very busy and a little behind in posting here... Yet, I wanted to share the link to the website above... Also, I'm working on a few new posts so check back as I'll be putting some new stuff up very soon! So, until then I hope everyone is having a GREAT August 2009 and a wonderful time training and noticing the oppertunities for growth, learning something new, and discovery!


  1. So much willingness to explore here!

    Deciding: what will we do? What are we willing to do?

    and staying open to notice and grow!

  2. Thanks Dan,

    Being willing to notice... the will to notice... being... both... having the will and being willing to discover connections are real oppertunities to be explored... ROCK ON!

  3. Hey Rick,

    I have a suggestion. How about a Part II where you write about: "Tuning in when training".

    Your sharing means a ton to me, thanks for keeping it real.

    Mr. Twenty Twenty

  4. dude I am very interested in this topic
    something I have had a difficult time with in the past and continue to play with and notice now in my training.

    I'm with Twenty Tweny I'm stoked about a Part II "tuning in, being present, grounding in present, etc. during training"

    Seriously man any tips from you for the Part II would be hugely helpful and appreciated big time